Your needs related to the digitalization of scientific research

Digital and organizational transformations

Des solutions logicielles dédiées aux équipes de recherche scientifique

The digital revolution has profoundly changed research  practices.

This process of global transformation not only impacts the tools and software solutions available to researchers, but also the way data is managed, people collaborate, share tasks and priorities.

Our entire 360° support offer is based on a good anticipation and understanding of these issues to enable you to succeed in your transformation.

Numerous evolutions impacting research

Thanks to a relentless monitoring and intense communication with the stakeholders  of our ecosystem (Publishers, partners, customers…), we’ve been able to watch and detect observe in-depth transformation in cientific research:

Des logiciels innovants dédiés à la recherche scientifique

At the software level

  • A significant shift from perpetual licenses to subscription-based licensing modes,
  • Migration of local data storage to cloud storage,
  • The emergence of applications independent of traditional information systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,
  • A need for interconnection and increasing interoperability of tools, 
  • Complex issues around data management.
Les nouveaux usages pour les acteurs de la recherche scientifique

At the level of uses

  • The growing need to share tools, resources and results, 
  • Needs oriented towards accessibility, user-friendliness, completeness and immediacy,
  • A compression of the “long research time” under the pressure of productivity and competition,
  • Knowledge and know-how to be updated.
Les enjeux organisationnels liés à la digitalisation de la recherche scientifique

At the organizational level

  • An IT, logistics and HR organization turned upside down by process changes,
  • Increased interdependence of internal departments and players (researchers, suppliers, subcontractors),
  • The specialization of the players in the value chain (R&D, production, start-ups, etc.).

New challenges for R&D and analytical laboratories

The digital revolution has had a particular impact on R&D and analytical laboratories, especially in the fields of chemistry, biology, health and life sciences.

Amélioration des processus de la recherche scientifique


  • Simplify processes
  • Easy access to information
Besoin en collaboration pour la recherche scientifique


  • Working in project mode
  • Optimize your resources
  • Share information
Besoin en qualité et sécurité pour la recherche scientifique


  • Strengthen Quality processes (GPL)
  • Adopt Fair Data
Valorisation des connaissances issues de la recherche scientifique


  • Valorize its knowledge
  • Implement a flexible and scalable process

The challenges of digitalization around scientific information

The management of scientific information, the ability to highlight discoveries and to develop a knowledge-centered culture is key for the strategies deployed by researchers and companies.

Explosion des données issues de la recherche scientifique


  • Exponential growth of exploitable data (Big Data)
  • PDF publications enriched with new objects (data, codes, interactive visualizations…)
Les nouvelles formes de publication de la recherche scientifique


  • Paradigm shift with Open Science
  • Enhanced media coverage, reconcile transparency and integrity
La modernisation des outils de la recherche scientifique


  • Emergence of transversal and collaborative solutions (SaaS)
  • Need for interconnection and interoperability
La recherche scientifique et l’intelligence informationnelle


  • Transforming data into knowledge
  • Implementation of a strategy throughout the information life cycle: collection, processing, analysis, and valorization

Support you in your new challenges

To meet these major challenges, Ritme has developed two areas of expertise dedicated to the digital transition of laboratories and to scientific information management. As such, our multidisciplinary teams support researchers and companies in their evolution by integrating your solutions and offering services with high added-value.

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