The digital transformation of public research actors

Today, many public research laboratories operate in a manual or semi-digital manner, and are still burdened by tedious paper documentation. However, industry pioneers have begun to digitally transform laboratory operations to increase efficiency and reduce time in processing data. 

Ritme offers a wide range of software covering all activities in a research laboratory, such as:

  • The use of electronic laboratory notebooks 
  • The management and sharing of data  
  • The management of stocks and inventory of a laboratory 
  • The quality & security of your data 
  • The edition of safety data sheets  
  • The calculation of GHS and CLP  
  • The deployment of a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System
  • Molecular design 
  • Computational chemistry and molecular modeling 
  • Data visualization 
  • Automation of measurement and test data analysis 
  • Spike analysis 

In addition, Ritme’s software and training catalog also covers critical needs, such as:

  • Implementing bibliographic research 
  • Scientific article writing and publication 
  • Scientific communication 
  • Speaking and media relations 

I’ve tested several reference management programs, and I have to admit that none of them come close to Citavi in terms of completeness, usability and efficiency. Plus, the built-in knowledge organizer and task scheduler are really great features!

Pr. Stefano Adamo
Assistant professor of Italian culture at Banja Luka University