Führender Anbieter von Software-Lösungen für Wissenschaftler

GraphPad Prism 7, das Referenzwerkzeug für wissenschaftliche Grafiken, Kurvenanpassung und Biostatistik.

Prism ist ein vielseitiges Werkzeug zur Analyse und Visualisierung Ihrer experimentellen Daten.
Sie ist speziell für Biologen in der Pharmaindustrie, Biotechnologie und medizinischen Forschung konzipiert.
Heute verlassen sich täglich über 200.000 Wissenschaftler in mehr als 110 Ländern auf Prism.
Sein kurvenangepasster Teil (enzymatische Kinetik, Dosis-Wirkungs-Studie....) ist eine Referenz.
Statistiken sind mit Hilfe von Analysen und Interpretationen einfach zu erstellen.

  • 5
  • gute Gründe, dieses Produkt zu verwenden

  1. Einfach zu bedienen
  2. Die Kurvenanpassung Ihrer Daten (Beispiel: enzymatische Kinematik)
  3. die Referenzsoftware für Biologen in der Pharmaindustrie, Biotechnologie und medizinischen Forschung.
  4. Statistiken sind mit Hilfe von Analysen und Interpretationen einfach zu erstellen.
  5. Hochwertige Grafikausgabe für Ihre Publikationen


GraphPad Prism is a tool both comprehensive and easy to use It has many features that allow you to be more efficient and achieve better results.


GraphPad Prism combines in one biostatistical program, data fitting and grapher. It lets you organize, analyze and graphically represent recurring experiences. It also lets you select appropriate statistical tests and interpret the results. Prism is ideal for graphical data representations and analysis applications in the life sciences.


Although it does not replace a complete statistical software, GraphPad Prism lets you easily perform statistics commonly used in laboratories and clinical research. The software includes Student's tests, non-parametric comparison, 1 and 2 factor ANOVAs, contingency table analysis and survival analysis. The analysis choices are presented in plain and understandable language.


Once you have finished the analysis, GraphPad Prism's unique checklist helps you to authenticate the appropriate method choice for your experimental dataset and lets you validate the assumptions of the chosen method.


Non-linear regression is an important data analysis tool, but often difficult to use. No other program simplifies the non-linear fit better than GraphPad Prism. In fact, most adjustments are made in one step. Just select a function from a list provided (or create a template) and GraphPad Prism automatically performs. GraphPad Prism adjusts the data, displays the results as a table, draws the curves on the graph and interpolates the data. Organize multiple datasets side by side in a data table and GraphPad Prism adjusts the set in one step.


It is useful, from a scientific point of view, for you to document how your data was analyzed. With GraphPad Prism, that is possible. Even if the job is done by someone else, you can review, change the analysis choices, and see the analysis sequences (for example, by observing that the abscissas have undergone a logarithmic transformation before the adjustment of the curve). In the same way, you can easily check if the error bars match the standard deviation or the standard error of the mean.


Prism 8 - Version d'essai




Nonlinear regression is an important tool in data analysis, but it is often more difficult than necessary. No other program simplifies curve fitting like GraphPad Prism. In fact, you can usually adjust curves in one step. Just select an equation from the list of commonly used equations (or enter your own equation) and GraphPad Prism does the rest automatically: adjust the curve, display the results as a table, and draw the curve on the graph. Even better, GraphPad Prism automatically adjusts all related data sets at once. You do not have to repeat the commands for each experimental condition.
Do not be fooled by this simplicity. GraphPad Prism also gives you many advanced adjustment options: interpolation of unknown values automatically from a standard curve (i.e. analyze the RIA data), comparison of two equations through the F or AIC test, and graphical representation of the residuals. GraphPad Prism also allows you to adjust the curves of a family of datasets at once, by sharing the best adjustment value of the selected parameters to find a better value adjustment that applies to the whole family, rather than finding the best value fit for each data set.
The best way to learn non-linear regression is to follow the examples, the GraphPad Prism help system is a wonderful resource for learning curve fitting.

Our guided examples teach you to think about non-linear regression, and also how to use GraphPad Prism. All examples use sample data embedded in the program, so you can easily work on these examples without any tedious data entry. Examples include adjusting an enzyme kinetic curve, interpolation from a standard sigmoid curve, nonlinear overall regression and more.

Ajustement de courbes


GraphPad Prism offers a more complete set of tools to analyze your data than any other scientific graph program. Although it can not replace a heavy statistical analysis program, GraphPad Prism allows you to easily perform basic statistical tests commonly used by laboratories and clinical researchers. GraphPad Prism offers t-tests, nonparametric comparisons, one-way and two-way ANOVA, linear and non-linear regression, contingency table analysis, and survival analysis.

Unlike other programs, GraphPad Prism provides statistical help when you need it. Press Learn from any data analysis dialog and the GraphPad Prism online documentation will explain the principles of this analysis to help you make the appropriate choices. Once you've made your choices, GraphPad Prism presents the results in an organized, easy-to-follow chart. If you need help understanding the statistical terminology in the results table,

GraphPad Prism's unique analysis checklist takes you through the analysis of the explanations and helps you to check everything to make sure that you have chosen an appropriate analysis for your experience. The GraphPad Prism help documentation goes beyond what you can expect. More than half of it is dedicated to in-depth explanations of basic statistics and nonlinear fitting to teach you what you need to know to analyze your data appropriately.

The GraphPad Prism Help System is a wonderful resource for learning about statistics. Our guided examples teach you to think about statistics. All examples use sample data embedded in the program, so you can easily work on these examples without any tedious data entry. There are more than a dozen examples ranging from simple unpaired t-tests to repeated two-way ANOVA measurements to survival analysis, contingency charts and more.


Quickly create custom publishing quality graphics. GraphPad Prism lets you create a wide variety of 2D scientific graphs, and gives you access to all the features you need - including automatic error bars, log axes, discontinuous axes, Greek letters, and more - to create the look you want. Use the buttons on the GraphPad Prism toolbar to instantly send your complete graphics to Word or PowerPoint, or export them in a wide variety of formats, including high resolution TIF and EPS (suitable for publishing in any which review).

Once you have created multiple graphics, arrange them on a page in the GraphPad Prism layout section. Start with an integrated layout template, or create your own arrangement with special tools for axis alignment, break creation, and graph scaling. You can even include the analysis results on the same page to summarize your entire experience in presentations and publications. The GraphPad Prism display can be printed up to 30 "x 40", so you can organize and print your poster directly from GraphPad Prism.


Graohes scientfiques


GraphPad Prism brings you a completely new approach in the field of scientific graph software. Designed by a scientist for scientists, GraphPad Prism works the same way you do. GraphPad Prism includes links between data and analytics, and stores related data, test results, graphs, schematics, and notes in a single project. Even your most complicated projects are easy to organize and easy to manage. Unlike other scientific graph software, GraphPad Prism keeps all your analysis results with your data and graphics. And more importantly, GraphPad Prism keeps track of all the steps in your analysis. When you open a GraphPad Prism file, you can trace all the steps of each analysis. Read on to learn more about how GraphPad Prism can save you time and effort.

Automatic error bars

Protocols often require repeated measurements (eg. in three copies). Most programs make it difficult to calculate and plot error bars. This is not the case with GraphPad Prism. Just enter repeated values and GraphPad Prism calculates and draws the error bars automatically. With GraphPad Prism no need to get lost in a maze of useless dialog boxes to make the error bars.

Simultaneous analysis of related datasets

In experiments, it is usually necessary to compare several experimental conditions. With other programs, you have to go through many tedious steps to analyze each data set one by one. Click on a button and GraphPad Prism analyzes and graphs several experimental conditions at once.
Effective analysis of repeated experiments

It's rare to do an experiment just once - you usually do it again to check the results. With GraphPad Prism, you can analyze a repeated experiment in one step. Just enter the new data and GraphPad Prism manages all the graphs and the analysis of the measurements automatically. Every file you save can be a template for a repeated experiment. This powerful feature can save you hours of repetitive work. And if you need to analyze a large series of experiments, GraphPad Prism's easy-to-use scripting language will automate importing data files and exporting results. There is simply nothing easier!

Effortless corrections

Even the most conscientious scientist can make a data entry mistake. With other programs, a simple mistake can cost you lost work hours, but not with GraphPad Prism. This is because GraphPad Prism data tables are related to analytics, graphs, and layouts. When you correct a data entry error, your data is automatically scanned again and your graphs updated.

Organized work

Science requires having projects organized in a very rigorous way. Your data files should help you document your work. GraphPad Prism lets you enter unstructured notes as well as structured data (experimenter, batch number, concentration, etc.) into Info Sheets. It's an ideal way to keep every part of your experience organized and goal-oriented. Each information sheet may be linked to a particular data table or have a general interest for the whole project.

Die neuen Funktionen



New graphs:

  • Heat maps

New statistical tools:

  • Three way ANOVA
  • FDR approach (False Discovery Rate) for multiple comparisons
  • More accurate (asymmetrical) confidence intervals from nonlinear regression

New features for data management:

  • Label subcolumns
  • Color code selected cells of data or results tables
  • Semi-transparent colors
  • Management of dates



Operating system Processor Disk space

DVD-Rom CD-Rom

Internet access
Windows 10 (update Prism 6.07) 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)
Windows 8.x (except for RT and Phone) 32/64-bits ND

60 MB (minimum)


yes yes (*)
Windows 7 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)
Windows Vista 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum)  ND yes yes (*)
Windows XP 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum)  ND yes yes (*)
Windows 2000 32/64-bits ND

60 MB (minimum)

ND yes yes (*)

 (*) Internet Explorer 6 or more.


Operating system Processor Disk space RAM DVD-Rom CD-Rom Internet access
Mac OS X Lion ou plus 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)
Mac OS X Leopard 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)
Mac OS X Tigre 32/64-bits ND 60 MB (minimum) ND yes yes (*)

(*) Internet Explorer 6 or more.

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