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Intel Parallel Studio, bietet mühelose Anwendungsleistung für C ++ und Fortran.

Die Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Suite vereinfacht Design, Entwicklung und Code-Debugging durch Parallelisierung, um die Anwendungsleistung zu steigern.
Erhalten Sie die Garantie für schnellen, stabilen und skalierbaren Code mit geringstem Aufwand, egal ob Sie in C, C ++, Fortran oder Python entwickeln.

Sie profitieren von den neuesten Techniken der Vektorisierung, Multithreading, Multinode-Parallelisierung und Speicheroptimierung.

Dank dieser Plattform erhalten Sie leistungsfähigere Anwendungen auf Intel kompatiblen Prozessoren und Co-Prozessoren, wie Intel Core Prozessoren, Xeon und Xeon Phi, Intel C++ und Fortran Compiler oder Intel Python Distribution.

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  1. Robustere Werkzeuge
  2. Optimale Prozessorleistung
  3. Schnellere Entwicklung
  4. Kombinieren Sie Fortran und C++.
  5. Ergänzende Validierungstools


Effectively optimize the performance of your application with Intel Parallel Studio XE. This essential suite of tools for developers includes the best compilers on the market, the latest programming innovations, high-performance libraries and the latest generation of profiling and code accuracy tools. Python, C++ or Fortran only versions are available for Studio XE.

Intel Parallel Studio lets you be more efficient and gain productivity. It lets you:

  • Develop your code faster: use a toolbox that simplifies the creation of fast and reliable parallel codes
  • Get faster code: improve application performance on today's architecture and next generation's processors

There are three editions, depending on your development needs.

Composer Edition

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition 2018 includes compilers, performance libraries and optimized models for the creation of fast parallel code..

Windows (Microsoft Visual studio) - Linux (GNU) - Mac OSX (X Code)

Professional Edition

Intel® Parallel Studio Professional Edition 2018 combines the best compilers, parallel performance libraries, debugging and profiling tools for Python, C / C++ and Fortran.

This suite of tools for developers includes the best Python, C, C++, and Fortran compilers on the market and new programming innovations, high-performance libraries, a new threading assistant, as well as the new generation of profiling and code debugging tools. Dedicated Python, C++ or Fortran versions are available for Studio XE.

  • Optimize code performance by using a vectorization and threading tool, Intel® Advisor, which makes code parallelization easier.
  • Boost CPU performance, threading, memory, cache and storage through a threading and performance profile, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.
  • Eliminate dead ends and competitive situations with a memory and threading debugger, Intel® Inspector.

Windows (Microsoft Visual Studio) - Linux (GNU)

Cluster Edition

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2018 includes all components of Intel Parallel Studio XE plus Intel® MPI tools. This suite lets software developers boost performance on multi-core, many-core, and clustered systems.

The computing capacity on HPC clusters is up to 2 times faster than alternative MPI libraries. Intel® Cluster Studio XE is the first complete HPC cluster development suite that breaks down the performance of the MPI application for multi-core and manycore systems.

  • Boost performance with the Intel® MPI Library High Performance Optimized Library.
  • View MPI applications for errors and profile with Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector.
  • Use an advanced cluster diagnostic tool, Intel® Cluster Checker

Windows (Microsoft Visual Studio) - Linux (GNU)

Specialized tools included in some editions guarantee the performance of Intel Parallel Studio XE. Two are suggested below.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE, performance and thread profiler

Intel® VTune ™ Amplifier XE is a performance and thread profiler for C, C ++, C #, Fortran, Java and MPI developers. The new presets provide an implementation of "point & click" profiling type. A chronological view of threading, data filtering, image and source analysis makes it easy to optimize your application to make the best use of current and future CPU and GPH processors.

Windows Platforms (Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013) - Linux (GNU)



Intel® Advisor XE, a threading assistant

Intel® Advisor XE is a threading assistant for C, C++, C# and Fortran developpers. It finds areas with the greatest performance potential from parallelism and identifies critical synchronization issues. It assesses alternatives before investing in implementation. It estimates acceleration and identifies accuracy problems. It selects the options that offer the best return on investment. The code can be up to 175 times faster with Intel® Advisor XE.

Cannot be sold separately - Included in Intel Parallel Studio XE





  Cluster Edition Professional Edition Composer Edition
Intel C++ Compiler X X X
Intel® Fortran Compiler X X X
Intel Distribution pour Python X X X
Intel® Math Kernel Library X X X
Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library X X

(C++ uniquement)

Intel® Threading Building Blocks
(C++ uniquement)

(C++ uniquement)

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives X X

(C++ uniquement)

Open MP X X X
Intel VTune Amplifier XE X X  
Intel® Advisor X X  
Intel® Inspector X X  
Intel® MPI Library X    
Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector X    
Intel® Cluster Checker X    
Rogue Wave  MSL Library en option et pack en option en option




Die neuen Funktionen


Amplify application performance. Take advantage of new and enhanced features that help increase application performance on the latest Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors.

Machine learning, sped up. Delivers faster, close-to-native code Python* application performance for scientific compute and machine learning workloads right out of the box.

Improved, intuitive user interface for Intel® VTune™ Amplifier. Enjoy a simplified workflow and more familiar terminology and logical groupings. Preview a new platform profiler for longer, higher-level performance analysis.

Rapid visual prototyping environment. Interactively build, validate, and visualize parallel algorithms with Intel® Advisor Flow Graph Analyzer.

Extend HPC solutions on the path to exascale. Gain greater scalability and reduce latency with next generation Intel® MPI Library.

Take advantage of Priority Support. Get the most from your code on Intel® hardware and overcome performance bottlenecks or development challenges when you are stuck. Connect directly with Intel engineers for quick answers to technical questions. Submit samples. Get access to previously released versions.



See the indispensable prerequisite of installation and the release notes (pdf) of Intel Parallel Studio 2019 :

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