Führender Anbieter von Software-Lösungen für Wissenschaftler

Gauss, die Software für die statistische Entwicklung und Handhabung.

GAUSS, die historische Referenz für statistische Software, wird seit fast 20 Jahren von Fachleuten in Bereichen verwendet, die eine umfangreiche statistische und mathematische Verarbeitung erfordern.
Basierend auf einer Matrix-Programmiersprache beinhaltet Gauss viele Anwendungsmodule (geschrieben in GAUSS-Sprache) zur Erweiterung der Softwarekapazitäten und bietet spezifische erweiterte Funktionen, insbesondere für die Bereiche Finanzen und Ökonometrie.

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  1. - Matrix-Programmiersprache
  2. - Extrem schnelle Computersoftware
  3. - Native Pflege von Multi-Threading
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Gauss is a software combining power and ease of use. It has 4 major assets to carry out your analyses quickly and efficiently:


With more than 450 integrated features, including LINPACK, EISPACK and BLAS libraries, advanced data management tools and complex numbers support, GAUSS considerably simplifies the task of developers.


GAUSS can read common formats (Excel, Lotus, Dbase, Paradox ...), and specialized modules enable dynamic access to your data in Excel.

No more acrobatics between applications to access your data! 


To take advantage of the power of the latest multi-core or multi-processor systems, the Threading functions:

  • ThreadStat
  • ThreadBegin
  • ThreadEnd
  • ThreadJoin

They enable you to compartmentalize your programs into sections that can be run simultaneously. These Threads are part of the same working space and can access and use any previously created global symbols, keywords, and procedures or routines. You can create as many "threads" as you want, which enables you to use all processors available on your hardware.


Written in Gauss language, the application modules extend the possibilities of GAUSS:

  • The basic application modules contain most of the necessary functions in statistics, finance and econometrics, saving time during your development
  • Application modules specialized in statistics, finance and econometrics, give you access to high level techniques developed by experts and help you to design your own models




The mathematical and statistical system of GAUSS is based on a fast matrix programming language, widely used by scientists, engineers, statisticians, biometricians, econometricians, and financial analysts. Designed for intensive computing, GAUSS is ideally suited for the researcher who does not have the time to develop programs in C / C++ or FORTRAN, and who thinks that most statistical or mathematical packages are not flexible or powerful enough to perform complex analyses or to work on complex problems.

Whatever the mathematical tool or the language you are currently using, you will notice that GAUSS can significantly increase your productivity!
Le système mathématique et statistique de GAUSS


GAUSS has a complete analysis environment suitable for performing fast calculations, complex analyses of millions of data points, or anything in between. Whether you are a new user of computer analysis or a seasoned programmer, the GAUSS family of products combines to provide you with a work environment that's easy to understand, powerful and versatile enough to do virtually any digital job.

Since its appearance on the market in 1984, GAUSS has always been a benchmark for large-scale computations and complex data modeling. The recognition and global use of GAUSS within governments, industries and academic communities are a testimony to its power and versatility. The GAUSS system can be qualified in different ways: an exceptionally efficient calculator, a complete programming language and an interactive analysis environment.

GAUSS might become the only digital tool you will ever need.

Modélisation financière avec GARCH


For simple problems, GAUSS offers a fully interactive environment for exploring data, creating scenarios and analyzing results. For more complex tasks, you can write programs and save them to the hard disk. GAUSS is an exceptionally fast tool that offers execution performance similar to that of compiled C or Fortran language. And unlike other math packages, Gauss's speed is even more impressive when working on large scale problems.

Modélisation financière avec GARCH


While many GAUSS users will never need intensive programming, for those who do, GAUSS offers a natural, logical and powerful environment which is easy to grasp. At the heart of GAUSS is an appropriate programming language to carry out the most sophisticated analyses.

In GAUSS, the basic unit of analysis is a matrix, resulting in a syntax that closely resembles common mathematical expressions. Since matrix operations are adopted, most of the loopbacks required by other languages are eliminated. 

The Data Translation Loop lets you perform transformations on variables in a data set by directly using the variable names in the expressions. This streamlines data transformations into shorter and more readable programs. The GAUSS Source Level Debugger greatly simplifies program development. With all the features you've come to expect from a dedicated debugging system, you'll be able to quickly identify and troubleshoot programming errors at runtime.

Transformations de données rationalisées


As a complete programming language, the GAUSS system is both flexible and powerful. A wide variety of statistical, mathematical, and matrix management routines are immediately available to the GAUSS user. GAUSS can be used interactively for short, one-time commands, for creating large-scale programs with multiple files and function libraries, or for anything in between.


GAUSS's high resolution graphics give you powerful ways to visually analyze your data and present your results. A wide choice of graphs is available: 2D, 3D, surface, contour, polar graphs and log, as well as bar charts, histograms, box plot and more. Charts can be placed in individual overlapping or tiled windows on a single page.You can export graphics files in a number of common formats such as JPEG, SVG, PNG, HP-GL / 2, PostScript and EPS, to use them in a layout or presentation software. In addition, GAUSS supports a wide range of output devices.

Des possibilités graphiques


GAUSS comes with more than 450 highly optimized integrated mathematical functions, including LAPACK, EISPACK and BLAS libraries, factorization, decompositions, eigenvalues, distribution and equation solving functions, in order to provide you with all the tools that you need to solve your most difficult problems.

You can easily customize or add them to the GAUSS function library, and optional modules provide access to many other specific capabilities. The GAUSS Run-Time Module (GRTM) lets users and developers share GAUSS applications and compiled files with non-GAUSS end users.

Other important features such as:

  • Compatibility of import / export data with spreadsheets
  • Random number generator for long periods
  • Built-in functions for efficient management of sparse data
  • A foreign language interface to integrate your favorite compiled programs in C and Fortran directly into GAUSS programs

Générateur de nombres aléatoires MRG32K3a


GAUSS Data Tool: a solution for GAUSS data

GAUSS Data Tool is a stand-alone program for working with GAUSS data sets. GAUSS Data Tool loads the columns of the data sets into a workspace as vectors where they can be transformed or modified using simple intuitive statements.
Data sets can also be created by simulation using a variety of models, such as: probit, logit, GARCH, linear. A new version of a data set can be generated where missing data are replaced by single or multiple imputations from a maximum likelihood estimation using the EM algorithm.
(Available only for Windows and Linux)

GAUSS Engine: an enterprise solution

Gauss Engine increases the speed and power of GAUSS for applications written in C, C ++, Java, VB or other development environments that support the C API language. GAUSS Engine is a dynamically linked library for compiling and running GAUSS programs from another application. The data is going back and forth between the GAUSS Engine's working space and the application.
The distribution of your GAUSS Engine applications is free of rights.

GAUSSplot™: professional graphics

GAUSSplot ™ professional graphics are now available!

GAUSSplot ™ has a fully functional graphical interface that allows you to make changes to a graph by clicking a button.

Your GAUSS graphics will be of a higher level with GAUSSplot ™!

GAUSS Applications: A solution for increased productivity

Already written, customizable GAUSS programs designed to increase user productivity and extend Gauss functionality in statistics, finance, engineering, physics, linear algebra, simulation, risk analysis and much more.

Algorithmic Derivatives
Bayesian Estimation Tools (New)
Constrained Maximum Likelihood MT
Constrained Optimization MT
Descriptive Statistics MT
Discrete Choice Analysis Tools
Linear Programming MT
Linear Regression MT
Loglinear Analysis MT
Maximum Likelihood MT
Nonlinear Equations MT
Optimization MT
Time Series MT

Third-party applications: A solution with extensive possibilities

Related software developed by third party suppliers. Many of these products are already written, customizable (in the GAUSS programming language), as well as tools and utilities to perform tasks quickly.


Premier Support & Platinum Premier Support

Premier Support & Platinum Premier Support are annually renewable Support Plans that provide you with important benefits and privileged access to GAUSS development teams:

Maintenance Services Premier Support Platinum
Premier Support
Technical support at the publisher Yes Yes
User account on Aptech's website Yes Yes
Access to the patches download server (GAUSS & Applications) Yes Yes
Discount (for a limited time) on the prices of new products Yes Yes
Home Use license for GAUSS and GAUSS Engine Yes yes
50% discount on GAUSS and GAUSS Engine updates Yes N.A
All updates (minor and major) of GAUSS and GAUSS Engine without additional cost No Yes
All GAUSS application updates at no additional cost (download) No Yes
Disaster Recovery License for Gauss and Gauss Engine (only for network licenses) Yes Yes


Die neuen Funktionen



  • Get working faster with quicker access to pre-built GAUSS packages. 
  • Download, install and update GAUSS packages without ever leaving GAUSS. 



New function to aggregate results across groups by: 

  • mean, min, max, median, mode, variance, sum, and standard deviation.  


  • New support for predictive mean matching, local residual draws, and linear prediction imputation. 
  • Customizable with options for a number of donors, matching type, and linear prediction methods. 


  • New suite of tools makes it easy to add optional arguments to your GAUSS procedures 


  • New horizontal bar plots using plotBarH. 
  • New filled area plots using plotXYFill. 
  • plotSetLegend now allows you to set the legend location by coordinates. 

  • Precise control over y-axis tick location and intervals using plotSetYTicInterval. 


  • modec - Compute mode for each matrix column. 
  • loaddsa - Load string data from CSV, Excel, GAUSS, SAS or STATA datasets. 
  • sprintf - Create formatted string output from columns of matrices and strings. 
  • weighted ols- Compute weighted OLS estimates with user-specified weights. 



Système d'exploitation : Windows Vista, 7 et 8.x

Architecture : 32/64-bits

Espace disque : 400 Mo (minimum)

Mémoire vive (RAM) : 2 Go (minimum) - 4 Go ou plus (recommandé)


Système d'exploitation : Mac OS X 10.7 ou plus

Architecture : 64-bits

Processeur : Intel

Espace disque : 400 Mo

Mémoire vive (RAM) : 1 Go (minimum) - 4 Go (recommandé)


Architecture : 32/64-bits

Espace disque : 400 Mo (minimum)

Mémoire vive (RAM) : 1 Go (minimum) - 4 Go (recommandé)


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