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SigmaPlot 14.5, il software di analisi di dati e grafici progettato per soddisfare le esigenze di ricercatori, scienziati e ingegneri.

SigmaPlot è un potente software di analisi e visualizzazione di dati scientifici, integrato con un modulo di esperti di statistica e un modulo di analisi cinetica enzimatica.
Riferimento storico nell'ambiente scientifico, viene utilizzato in tutto il mondo.

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  1. - Ampia scelta di modelli grafici
  2. - Analizza i tuoi dati con facilità
  3. - Regola facilmente i tuoi dati
  4. - Pubblica i tuoi grafici ovunque tu sia
  5. - Usa SigmaPlot in Excel

Why choose SIGMAPLOT?

SigmaPlot includes features that meet the different needs of researchers, both for analysis and data representation.


Choose from a wide range of figures

SigmaPlot offers more than 100 types of 2D and 3D figures. From simple 2D scatter plots to complex contour lines, SigmaPlot provides exactly the type of technical figure that meets your research needs. SigmaPlot lets you manage data sets of 32 million rows and 32,000 columns.

You can also see interactions in your 3D data with multiple intersecting 3D meshes, with possible hidden line removal.

Analyze your data with ease

SigmaPlot provides all the fundamental tools you need to analyze your data from basic statistics to advanced mathematical calculations. With a single click, instantly generate summary statistics including 95% and 99% confidence intervals.

Run t-tests or linear regressions with ease, analyze a ROC curve, plot a function and get a report of the results in seconds. Finally, use built-in transformations to challenge your data and create unique figure types.

Sigmaplot integrates an enzymatic kinetics module.

Fit your data easily and accurately

The Regression Wizard automatically determines your initial parameters, writes a complete statistical report, saves your equation and adds your results to existing graphs or creates a new one. The Regression Wizard accurately fits nearly any equation: continuous in pieces, multifunctional, weighted, Boolean, etc., including up to 50 variables and 500 parameters. You can even add your own equations to the Regression Wizard.

With Sigmaplot, you can also analyze dose effects and calculate the EC50 dose.

Compatible avec Microsoft Excel®

With SigmaPlot, you have the possibility to open and create an Excel worksheet to analyze your data. Microsoft Excel's menus are added to SigmaPlot menus. Use Excel functions, pivot tables and macros analyze and present your Excel worksheet data directly in SigmaPlot.

Sigmaplot is FDA certified and complies with CFR21 part 11 Regression regulation.


SigmaPlot screen


Versione di prova

Sigmaplot 14.5 - Version d'essai

Le nuove caratteristiche


New Statistical Analysis Features

  • Additional numerical and graph results for contingency tables.

  • Easier access for setting population mean and median for one-sample tests.


New Statistical Graphs

  • Quantile-Quantile Plot, Confidence and Prediction ellipses, and Jitter plots.



Transform Language Improvements

  • New transform language functions for matrix computations including eigenvalues/eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices, and solutions of systems of linear equations and regression problems.
  • Restructured transform library for easier navigation. New transforms added to transform library:

  • Multilinear Orthogonal Regression and Regression with Equality Constraints.

  • Passing-Bablok Regression.

  • Chi-Square goodness of fit test for category data.

  • Improvements in the random number generators when using a random seed.

Histogram Improvements

  • The Histogram Wizard provides scaling options for histogram counts and options for left- edge and right-edge binning.

  • Histogram Result Graphs have a new interface for setting scaling options for histogram counts, for left-edge and right-edge binning, for bin counts, and for automatic binning.

Macro Improvements

  • Enhancements to polar plots from the Polar and Parametric Equations macro.

Smoothers Enhancement

  • Option to generate reports for 2D and 3D Smoothers.

Import and export options

  • Import multiple sheets from Excel files.

User interface improvements

  • Easily add value symbols to symbol and bar graphs with a new dialog available from the ribbon.

  • Mini toolbar positions have been moved to make editing objects easier.
  • Plots can be deleted directly from the Plot panel in Graph Properties.


  • Changed the Add Axis default to be Y Axis.

  • Align objects now available from the right mouse menu.
  • Greater access from a statistics report or a result graph to the statistics interface on the ribbon.

New Miscellaneous Features

  • A notebook section can now contain one or more subsections.


  • The Histogram Plus Kernel Density macro has been added to the toolbox.


  • A system memory indicator on the status bar showing the amount of remaining memory.


  • Improved search in Help.







Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Vista:

  • 2 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)Processor
  • 2 GB of System Memory (32-bit)
  • 4 GB of System Memory (64-bit)
  • 200 MB of Available Hard Disk Space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800×600 SVGA/256 Color Display or Better
  • Internet Explorer Version 8 or better

Windows XP:

  • 1GHz 32 or 64 bit Processor
  • 1GB of System Memory (32-bit)
  • 2GB of System Memory (64-bit)
  • 200 MB of available Hard Disk Space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800×600 SVGA/256 Color Display or Better
  • Internet Explorer Version 6 or better



  • Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP; Internet Explorer 8 or higher;
  • Office 2003 or higher (for Excel Integration, Paste to Powerpoint Slide, Insert Graphs into Word and other macros).

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