Webinar – Winning the trust of USFDA Compliance

Free webinar in English organized by our partner Agaram Technologies

Dienstag 20 Juni - 11:30

Are you having issues with CFR Part 11 compliance or seeking USFDA approval?

Would you like to learn how to use effective solutions, such as LIMS or ELN, to help you meet the data integrity & compliance standards set forth by the FDA?

In this webinar organized by our partner Agaram Technologies, discover the best practices for working with USFDA regulations and overcoming common inspection and audit challenges.

What will you learn?

  • How to effectively manage challenges during audits and inspections?
  • Electronic signatures & Time-stamped Audit Trails to ensure accountability and data traceability.
  • Complete traceability on who, what & when the data was created, edited or modified.
  • User Role & Rights based privileges for controlled access to data for authorized users.

Register now to ensure and enhance data integrity and compliance in your laboratory!



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