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With Signals Notebook, move to the next generation of lab notebooks

Signals Notebook is a flexible and innovative Electronic Lab Notebook that makes it easy to manage your lab activity and collaborate. Running entirely in the cloud, it requires no installation and can be used immediately upon acquisition.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • An ELN for chemistry and biology
  • Easy to learn
  • Collaborate with ease
  • Accessible via the Cloud
  • Edit reports with your analysis

Some of our users talk about “life-changing” software that is easy and enjoyable. The time savings this tool offers compared to a paper notebook is significant. Everyone can access each other’s work easily which does help research projects move forward.

Gael Fraboulet
Domain Therapeutics
Signals Notebook

Why choose Signals Notebook?

Manage all your experiences and documents

Signals Notebook allows you to quickly enter your reactions, by selecting your reagents from a database. For each of these experiments, a stoichiometry table and text edit field is available. For the writing of protocols and analysis of results, an ” autotext ” function allows you to select the components of your reaction, proposing in a drop-down list the elements of your experiment.

Signals Notebook also allows you to attach documents (images, pdf…) to your experiments and reports. You can also annotate your images and insert comments. Search tools are available that allow you to search, including in pdf’s.

The application works with ChemDraw direct, the web application from ChemDraw, the molecular drawing tool.

Smooth collaboration

Signals Notebook is the perfect tool to manage and share your research with ease. A dashboard allows you to view globally your experiments and their contributors, and you can set up access rights (read-only, read/write) on your experiments.

Required configuration


8GB of RAM minimum

Not available on mobile platform



  • Internet explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 10.1.2

For the web extension of Chemdraw, it is necessary to have JAVA Runtime 1.7 at least

BrowserOperating SystemJAVA
Google ChromeWindows or macOS
Mozilla Firefox 50 or laterWindows or macOS
Apple Safari 10 or latermacOS 10.12 or earlier
Microsoft Internet explorer 11WindowsMandatory, Applet enabled
Mozilla Firefox 49 or earlierWindows or macOSMandatory, Applet enabled
Apple Safari 9 or earliermacOS 10.11 or earlierMandatory, Applet enabled
Starting from (excl tax)
310 € / year