With iMednet, get a complete end-to-end clinical trial management platform

For nearly 20 years pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and contract research organizations (CROs) around the world have relied on iMednet to provide the technology innovation, experience and reliability they need to succeed.

5 good reasons to use this software

  • Fast and easy deployment and use: innovative cloud-based solution
  • Complies with regulatory data protection requirements
  • Suitable for all types of research and all types of structures
  • Enables end-to-end management of your clinical trials
  • Allows for real-time data visualization

Having all your clinical data, but also your external data –  which is important in a clinical trial – having it all together really makes a difference.

Pascal Groenen
General Manager, Avania

Why choose iMednet?

Use iMednet to:

  1. Save time and optimize costs
  2. Easily track and manage your clinical research projects
  3. Focus more on patients

Optimize your clinical trials by simplifying their construction, streamlining your data collection, and easily adapting to changing demands.


iMednet is a complete, cloud-based platform with integrated data capture and trial management tools. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Built from the ground up, iMednet’s native modules work together seamlessly without costly operational investment.

Data Capture

Easily conduct studies with the data capture modules in iMednet. The EDC module is at the heart of Mednet’s unified platform, offering complete flexibility and seamless integration with other Mednet modules, while additional tools such as ePRO allow you to collect data directly from patients. 

Data capture: iMednet EDC module

Everything you need, at your fingertips

iMednet EDC is the cornerstone of this comprehensive platform, giving you the ability to quickly create studies, and easily accommodate complex protocols and mid-course changes.

Simplify study designs, flexibly

Intuitive tools allow powerful functionality to implement unique and complex study designs without custom programming.

Ensure efficient trial execution

The iMednet platform connects the entire research team to accelerate clinical trial processes. Intuitive dashboards and task lists make it easy to track and/or prioritize tasks for key roles.  

View the progress of your projects in real time

Additional features help speed up site startup activities. For example, real-time access to your data and comprehensive reporting tools allow you to quickly generate required reports.

Data capture: ePRO module

Increasing patient engagement and ensuring compliance

iMednet’s integrated ePRO module facilitates on-site and off-site data capture for both patients and research coordinators. ePRO allows patients or coordinators to intuitively enter study information and is accessible – anytime, anywhere.

  • Direct patient login
  • Patient to do lists
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Secure data collection

Data management

Improve efficiency, ensure accuracy, and maximize resources with comprehensive data management modules in iMednet for:  

  • Make coding easy and consistent
  • Randomize with ease
  • Streamline inventory management and increase visibility
  • Automate CEC adjudication and reduce risk

Make coding easy and consistent

iMednet’s native coding module automates coding and provides visibility into MedDRA or WHODrug data dictionaries to improve efficiency.

Randomize with ease

Remove the complexity of randomization to increase efficiency and limit study costs. Deploy simple and complex designs with full blinded functionality, while controlling when sites can randomize.

Streamline inventory management and increase visibility

iMednet’s optional ” inventory ” module makes it easy to manage research product inventory, including automatic assignments, automatic replenishment, manual requests, shipments, tracking and reporting.

Automating CEC adjudication and reducing risk

iMednet’s adjudication module streamlines the CEC adjudication process and increases visibility into individual adverse events, adjudication outcomes, and summary measures, while eliminating the risk of error.


Mednet’s trial management modules streamline processes and make it easy to manage a wide range of clinical research on a single platform.

Mednet’s native modules and tools provide complete visibility and allow you to focus on what’s important, while improving the efficiency of key tasks, such as:

  • CTMS
  • Payment management
  • Report management
  • RRB
  • Document tracking

Focus on what matters most

Customized CTMS functionality allows you to manage and track critical components of your study in iMednet. Efficiently capture and manage monitor travel checklists and easily track site-level information, including site document collection status, training reports, site lists, etc.

Take control of your site’s payments

Improve site efficiency, visibility and satisfaction when you streamline your clinical trial site payments with iMednet Payment Manager. Easily apply site-specific budgets, view and approve eligible payments, and access a complete transaction history, all on the same platform.

Access robust reports for real-time data insights

Quickly create unique reports in multiple formats with iMednet’s Report Manager.

Accurately assess potential study risks and future performance

iMednet’s RBM module provides comprehensive risk planning, SDV and targeted visualization libraries.

Easily track IRB and other regulatory documents

Increase visibility and efficiently track documents such as IRB approval and renewal dates, IRB directories, IRB registrations and other regulatory documents in iMednet.

Required configuration

A cloud-hosted software

  • No installation or software to support

Main browsers supported

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

One system

  • Built from scratch by Mednet

Build it at once

  • Easy replication of the study

Fiable, compliant and secure

  • Full redundancy and disaster recovery

Quick start to the study

  • Study start in less than 6 weeks
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