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SUGM Success !

Stata Users Group Meeting in Brussels, September 2018: a conference to remember !

Dear members of the Stata Community,
This years’s Belgium Stata User Group Meeting we have been holding in Brussels the 18th of September 2018 has been a tremendous experience, similar and yet different from the first edition we held two years ago.
21 participants, 6 speakers, a perfect combination between presentations and workshops which kept the attention of all during the whole day.
Thanks to our academic partner, the KU Leuven and to the scientific committee who supported us all the way through with this project!

A day at the Stata User Group Meeting

KU Leuven, 9.31 am.

We are literally the first back to school, the students here haven’t really started. And yet here we are, with people eager to learn, eager to share. One of our students here at the Stata User Group Meeting will soon retire. And yet: he’s is here. He did the ride.

Sun is shining, it is still summer and the day looks promising (no, really, Brussels, Belgium, the country where one says it always rain? In fact, we have here like 17 different names to describe rain: “bruiner”, “dracher”, “rincer”…sure we can do some statistics about their usage and its occurences).

Well! September 18th, beautiful sunny day, and a bunch of geeks and data enthusiasts gathered in an air-conditioned auditorium at KU Leuven to discuss their latest researches in Statistics, Econometry, Epidemiology and plenty of other really cool stuff you never imagine you could manage, handle or explore with a statistical package like Stata.

12.31 pm

Brussels is buzzing here under, and the brains here are toasting. Enrique Pinzon, Senior Econometrician at StataCorp is offering a 1h45 workshop where he convinced us into focusing on the real points of interest: the questions, the real questions raised by the data handled. The why…not the how. So he showed us how to develop a unified framework using Stata to keep questioning and questioning the model we design. Love of Science again desire of knowledge: That is the question.

Then two presentations, lots of questions, interactions, around 5 different English accents making the conversation vivid and lively. This User Meeting is not only about presenting one’s own results, it looks like the participants are eager to get the most out of it. We’ve got academics in the audience, but people from the European Institutions, from Risk & Insurance companies, from the Automotive Sector too! Who would have guessed? What are the odds, for those people to share and meet? This is what the Stata User Meeting is all about. Giving an extra hand to serendipity.

During lunch, while enjoying small delightful dishes cooked by a local caterer (we are proud to support local business this year in every way with this event), you could hear here and there conversations about healthcare policies, the “homogeneity” of national populations, the surprisingly esthetic visualization of data-driven projects.


Giovanni Cerulli: hot issue about policy evaluation, treatment effects and the trade-offs that are always at stake when choosing a specific method. The main idea: defining the dose response / level of exposure, and not only the binary treatment status.  Participants really appreciated his highly pedagogic approach, his warmth, his wonderful jacket too!

Heena Kapoor and Sem presented the last presentations, both about facilitating data handling and management with Stata in their own ways.

5.20 pm

Enrique Pinzon from StataCorp acknowledged the wishes and grumbles, as the tradition has it. In the end, what stroke everyone this year was the balance between theory and practice, the ease with which people interacted, the variety of profiles amongst users.

We received lots of heart-warning thanking messages the day following the event from participants and speakers, all wishing that the Stata User Meeting would keep on taking place in the future. We do intend to make every edition a must-go: you can count on us.


For those wanting to catch up, you will find also the PDF of the presentations that were held during the day. And for those who can’t wait to live a similar experience, come join us to the Swiss edition held by Ritme in Zurich the 25th of October, 2018. You’ll find all the information here.



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