Führender Anbieter von Software-Lösungen für Wissenschaftler

Eviews, Strukturökonometrische Modellierung

EViews, ein weltweit führender Anbieter von ökonometrischer Software, bietet Unternehmen, Forschern und Regierungsbehörden Zugang zu leistungsstarken Statistik-, Prognose- und Modellierungswerkzeugen, die Experten für Zeitreihen sind.

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  • gute Gründe, dieses Produkt zu verwenden

  1. - Die unverzichtbare Software in der Ökonometrie
  2. - Ein umfassendes Referenzwerkzeug für die Zeitreihenanalyse
  3. - Eine benutzerfreundliche und intuitive Oberfläche
  4. - Effektives Datenmanagement
  5. - Hochwertige Grafikausgabe


The worldwide leader in windows-based econometric software  

EViews offers an extensive array of powerful features for data handling, statistics and econometric analysis as well as forecasting, simulations and analytic data presentation.
The ideal tool for any student, professor, researcher or analyst working with time series, panel data or longitudinal data ...


Access to the most powerful econometric analytical tools through an easy-to-use interface 

EViews, lets you easily and efficiently handle your data, perform statistical and econometric analysis, generate forecasts or simulations, and produce publishing-quality graphics that can be integrated into articles or reports.
EViews blends the best of modern software design with the most advanced features. The result is a powerful program that offers unprecedented power within a flexible interface. It is very flexible and can be used in menu mode or programming mode, for those who prefer to code directly for their research. 


Eviews Enterprise: direct access to essential databases in your business

EViews  Enterprise is the EViews version providing access to many external data sources, connecting with ODBC, EDX (EViews' Database Extension Interface) or EDO (EViews' Database Object).
Through its integrated browser, Eviews Enterprise provides direct access to data from sources such as Bloomberg, Moody's, Haver Analytics® DLX®, FAME, EcoWin, EIA®, CEIC®, Datastream®, FactSet®, or even the software editor, IHS Global Insight.
IHS Global Insight's econometric and financial data are dynamically usable and save you time in your calculations and simulations.


EViews 10 (64-bit) (218.98 MO)

EViews 10 (32-bit) (210.83 MO)



Numerical series, extensive operator library, powerful language, complex data structures, multi-page work file, automatic frequency conversion, support for Excel and ASCII formats, file import from the FRED database, World Bank, Eurostat ...



Integrated support for handling dates and time series data, support for common regular frequency data (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and more ...) and for high frequency data, exponential smoothing, Hodrick-Prescott filtering, band-pass (frequency) filtering, seasonal adjustment, interpolation to fill in missing values ...



Descriptive statistics, time series, Panel & Pool ...



Regression, ARMA & ARMAX, instrumental variables, GMM, ARCH/GARCH, limited dependent variable model, panel data/pooled time series, cross-sectional data, generalized linear models, single equation cointegrating regression, user-specified maximum likelihood...



Basic, VAR/VEC, Multivariate ARCH, State Space



Actual, fitted, residual plots, Wald tests, stability diagnoses, ARMA equation diagnostics, heteroskedasticity tests of White, Breusch-Pagan, Godfrey, Harvey and Glejser.



Static or dynamic forecasting, Forecast graphs and in-sample forecast evaluation, Model equations, Model resolution tools, Manage and compare multiple solution scenarios...




Object-oriented command language, Batch execution of commands, Looping and conditional branching, routines and macro processing, matrix manipulation and decomposition.


Langage de commande orienté objet, exécution de commandes par lot, boucles et branchements conditionnels, routines et traitement des macros, manipulation décomposition de matrices.



EViews COM automation server support, integration MATLAB®, R, Python, Table, EViews Microsoft Excel®


Die neuen Funktionen



  • Data import improvement (World Bank data, Eurostat, JSON Format, Table ...)
  • Direct connection to R and Matlab: Directly execute your R or Matlab code from EViews
  • Improvement of the interface (reverse stepping on a project is facilitated, object name extended to 300 characters ...)
  • Enhanced graph capacity (dynamically updated graph, new graph models...)
  • New adjustment methods: STL, weekly adjustment MoveReg.
  • New estimations: STR, STAR, ARDL ...

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